Soul Kitchen hosts themed Tasting Nights at several venues across Norfolk. These are unique 5-course menus crafted by chef Olivier Vati...  for example: Caribbean Gourmet Tasting, The Veritable Vegan Tasting, Tantalising Thai Tasting etc.

You can also meet us at Food Markets & Festivals... 

French Gourmet Menu

A delicious light & summery French menu £30 for 3 courses, glass of bubbly & disco

Norfolk Deli Showcase

Lovely day in Hunstanton wowing passers by with the flavours of creole sauce at the fabulous Norfolk Deli.

Get in touch if you would like us to do a Saturday Showcase at your Deli or Farm Shop!

VegFest London

We are excited to participate in 

VegFest London 2022

Come and check out all the amazing Vegan stalls, speakers and events...

Food, Wood & CRaft Festival

Curried goat, jerk chicken, jerk burgers & vegan salads

Tasting Menus

Get in touch if you would like us to host a Tasting or Themed Menu at your establishment. Here are some example Tasting menus.

Creake Abbey 
Farmers Market

First Saturday of evert month

Taste our sauces, curried goat & more!